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Remediation & Mold Removal in the San Diego – Orange County Area

Various forms of mayhem can damage a building. If your home or business has suffered severe destruction, it may face an additional threat from mildew. San Diego residents have access to Central Flood mold removal restoration. We cover everything you need to clean every nook and cranny, completely eliminating black mold and other dangerous growths. We provide cleanup for your crawlspace, insulation, attics, basements, walls and any other part of your home. We respond quickly and make a professional assessment. We will remove anything that cannot be salvaged while we sanitize and purify the air. We also provide HEPA vacuuming and air scrubbing to ensure complete annihilation of all spores.

Remediation & Mold Removal in San Diego

Quick & Thorough Cleanup for Homes & Businesses

Understanding mold is essential to combatting it. It is a very pervasive organism, thriving in almost any set of conditions. The microscopic spores can get into a building through windows, doors, heating and cooling units and can stick to people or animals. Mostly, the spores need consistent moisture, so any war against fungi begins with assessing water sources. Our services always start here, and we can dehumidify any area that needs it. We even manage air duct cleaning.

Cleaning Your Place in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside and Nearby Areas

With a call to 800-553-5663, you can have access to our 24-hour service options. Our insurance-approved technicians will begin work at your residential or commercial location immediately and bill your insurance company directly, reducing the stress and strain on you. If you are in San Diego, Oceanside or Mission Viejo, let us handle your remediation needs. Our service area includes Escondido, El Cajon, La Jolla and Temecula, as well as Orange County. We always answer our phones because we are ready to help you any time you need it.

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